Westcott Theater (Syracuse, NY)

(1 show)

BandDate Venue - Festival City St/Pr Country
Gene Ween03-26-2010Westcott TheaterSyracuseNYUSA

20 different songs played at Westcott Theater

Title First Heard Last Heard Total
Birthday Boy03-26-201003-26-20101
Buenas Tardes Amigo03-26-201003-26-20101
Chocolate Town03-26-201003-26-20101
Don't Laugh (I Love You)03-26-201003-26-20101
I Don't Want to Leave You on the Farm03-26-201003-26-20101
Marble Tulip Juicy Tree03-26-201003-26-20101
Ooh Va La03-26-201003-26-20101
She Wanted to Leave03-26-201003-26-20101
So Long Jerry03-26-201003-26-20101
Stay Forever03-26-201003-26-20101
Tender Situation03-26-201003-26-20101
The Golden Eel03-26-201003-26-20101
The Grobe03-26-201003-26-20101
The Mollusk03-26-201003-26-20101
The Stallion pt 303-26-201003-26-20101
The Stallion pt 403-26-201003-26-20101
Tried and True03-26-201003-26-20101
You Were the Fool03-26-201003-26-20101
Ziggy Stardust03-26-201003-26-20101