album cover of The Friends EP by Ween

The Friends EPby Ween

released 6/19/2007 on Chocodog

Statistics for Ween

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1Friendsfirst played: 11-27-2007last played : 03-07-2008total: 2 times
2I Got to Put the Hammer Downfirst played: 06-08-2007last played : 09-28-2017total: 30 times
3King Billyfirst played: 03-16-2017last played : 03-16-2017total: 1 time
4Light Me Upfirst played: 10-25-2005last played : 11-02-2017total: 61 times
5Slow Down Boyfirst played: 06-08-2007last played : 12-30-2011total: 16 times
Total songs played live from this album: 110
Average live plays per album track: 22
Average songs played per live show: 0.2