Marvelous Cloudsby Aaron Freeman

released 5/8/2012 on Partisan

Statistics for Ween

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1As I Love My Owntotal: 0 times
2Jeantotal: 0 times
3Marvelous Cloudstotal: 0 times
4A Man Alonetotal: 0 times
5The Beautiful Strangerstotal: 0 times
6Doesn't Anybody Know My Nametotal: 0 times
7One By Onetotal: 0 times
8Pushing the Clouds Awaytotal: 0 times
9The Loverstotal: 0 times
10Mr. Kellytotal: 0 times
11Love's Been Good to Metotal: 0 times
12Lonesome Citiestotal: 0 times
13The World I Used to Knowtotal: 0 times

- all songs written by Rod McKuen

Total songs played live from this album: 0
Average live plays per album track: 0
Average songs played per live show: 0