album cover of The Mollusk by Ween

The Molluskby Ween

released 6/24/1997 on Elektra

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1I'm Dancing in the Show Tonightfirst played: 05-09-1997last played : 09-01-2017total: 51 times
2The Molluskfirst played: 04-18-1996last played : 11-02-2017total: 455 times
3Polka Dot Tailfirst played: 05-09-1997last played : 11-03-2017total: 32 times
4I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spotfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 11-02-2017total: 232 times
5Mutilated Lipsfirst played: 04-18-1996last played : 11-02-2017total: 196 times
6The Blarney Stonefirst played: 09-01-1994last played : 07-01-2017total: 181 times
7It's Gonna Be (Alright)first played: 10-09-1997alast played : 07-01-2017total: 6 times
8The Golden Eelfirst played: 04-18-1996last played : 10-31-2017total: 217 times
9Cold Blows the Windfirst played: 07-22-2003last played : 09-28-2017total: 6 times
10Pink Eye (On My Leg)first played: 06-30-2017last played : 09-01-2017total: 4 times
11Waving My Dick in the Windfirst played: 04-18-1996last played : 11-03-2017total: 399 times
12Buckingham Greenfirst played: 12-09-1992last played : 11-02-2017total: 509 times
13Ocean Manfirst played: 07-25-1997last played : 11-02-2017total: 307 times
14She Wanted to Leavefirst played: 05-09-1997last played : 11-02-2017total: 149 times
Total songs played live from this album: 2744
Average live plays per album track: 196
Average songs played per live show: 4