White Pepperby Ween (released 5/2/2000 on Elektra)

Statistics for Ween

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1Exactly Where I'm Atfirst played: 06-30-2000blast played : 09-28-2017total: 179 times
2Flutes of the Chifirst played: 09-01-1994last played : 09-03-2017total: 32 times
3Even If You Don'tfirst played: 07-21-1999last played : 07-16-2017total: 183 times
4Bananas and Blowfirst played: 07-21-1999last played : 09-27-2017total: 366 times
5Stroker Acefirst played: 08-29-1998last played : 09-27-2017total: 215 times
6Ice Castlesfirst played: 05-09-1998last played : 09-30-2017total: 125 times
7Back to Basomfirst played: 12-31-1998last played : 09-01-2017total: 136 times
8The Grobefirst played: 01-02-1999last played : 09-30-2017total: 167 times
9Pandy Facklerfirst played: 08-29-1998last played : 09-28-2017total: 213 times
10Stay Foreverfirst played: 08-29-1998last played : 09-28-2017total: 40 times
11Falling Outfirst played: 08-29-1998last played : 10-14-2004total: 4 times
12She's Your Babyfirst played: 05-04-2000last played : 07-16-2017total: 55 times
Total songs played live from this album: 1715
Average live plays per album track: 142.9
Average songs played per live show: 2.5