album cover of Pure Guava by Ween

Pure Guavaby Ween

released 11/10/1992 on Elektra

Statistics for Ween

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1Little Birdyfirst played: 10-19-1993last played : 07-02-2017total: 25 times
2Tender Situationfirst played: 10-12-1991last played : 11-03-2017total: 80 times
3The Stallion pt 3first played: 02-13-1993last played : 11-03-2017total: 238 times
4Big Jilmfirst played: 10-29-1992last played : 11-02-2017total: 128 times
5Push th' Little Daisiesfirst played: 01-27-1993last played : 10-31-2017total: 172 times
6The Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgofirst played: 10-31-1991last played : 07-12-2017total: 97 times
7Reggaejunkiejewfirst played: 12-12-1990last played : 12-31-2011total: 94 times
8I Play It Off Legitfirst played: 04-15-2016last played : 10-31-2017total: 14 times
9Pumpin' 4 the Manfirst played: 06-30-1994last played : 09-28-2017total: 120 times
10Sarahfirst played: 04-28-1993last played : 01-24-2011total: 42 times
11Springthemefirst played: 10-27-1994last played : 07-02-2017total: 61 times
12Flies on My Dickfirst played: 11-16-1994last played : 08-10-2007total: 3 times
13I Saw Gener Cryin' in His Sleepfirst played: 06-16-1995last played : 06-07-2017total: 19 times
14Touch My Tooterfirst played: 03-04-1994last played : 10-31-2017total: 304 times
15Mourning Glorytotal: 0 times
16Loving U Thru It Allfirst played: 11-26-1994last played : 11-26-1994total: 1 time
17Hey Fat Boy (Asshole)total: 0 times
18Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)first played: 10-31-1991last played : 09-28-2017total: 305 times
19Poopship Destroyerfirst played: 02-13-1993last played : 11-03-2017total: 112 times
Total songs played live from this album: 1815
Average live plays per album track: 95.5
Average songs played per live show: 2.6