album cover of 12 Golden Country Greats by Ween

12 Golden Country Greatsby Ween

released 7/16/1996 on Elektra

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1I'm Holding Youfirst played: 09-01-1994last played : 10-31-2017total: 18 times
2Japanese Cowboyfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 11-03-2017total: 28 times
3Piss Up a Ropefirst played: 01-21-1995last played : 11-03-2017total: 369 times
4I Don't Want to Leave You on the Farmfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 04-15-2016total: 9 times
5Pretty Girlfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 10-28-1996total: 14 times
6Powder Bluefirst played: 03-10-1993last played : 06-07-2017total: 34 times
7Mister Richard Smokerfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 10-31-2017total: 285 times
8Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brainfirst played: 04-18-1996last played : 09-27-2017total: 74 times
9You Were the Foolfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 11-03-2017total: 37 times
10Fluffyfirst played: 07-19-1996blast played : 09-30-2017total: 59 times
Total songs played live from this album: 927
Average live plays per album track: 92.7
Average songs played per live show: 1.3