album cover of La Cucaracha by Ween

La Cucarachaby Ween

released 10/23/2007 on Rounder

Statistics for Ween

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TrackSong TitleFirst PlayedLast PlayedTotal
1Fiestafirst played: 04-26-2007last played : 09-27-2017total: 132 times
2Blue Balloontotal: 0 times
3Friendsfirst played: 11-27-2007last played : 03-07-2008total: 2 times
4Objectfirst played: 10-16-2007last played : 10-31-2017total: 98 times
5Learnin' to Lovefirst played: 10-16-2007last played : 09-27-2017total: 131 times
6With My Own Bare Handsfirst played: 10-16-2007last played : 09-30-2017total: 115 times
7The Fruit Manfirst played: 04-26-2007last played : 04-26-2007total: 1 time
8Spirit Walkerfirst played: 10-16-2007last played : 01-23-2008total: 15 times
9Shamemakerfirst played: 11-04-2007last played : 12-29-2011total: 19 times
10Sweetheart in the Summertotal: 0 times
11Lullabyfirst played: 11-06-2007last played : 04-21-2017total: 6 times
12Woman and Manfirst played: 05-26-2006last played : 06-09-2017total: 54 times
13Your Partyfirst played: 04-26-2007last played : 11-03-2017total: 159 times
Total songs played live from this album: 732
Average live plays per album track: 56.3
Average songs played per live show: 1.1