6/11/2017 (Sunday)

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, Massachusetts

Fiesta, Nan, Transdermal Celebration, Boy's Club, Gabrielle, Up on the Hill, I'm in the Mood to Move, Learnin' to Love, Ice Castles> The Golden Eel, Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire, Back to Basom, Awesome Sound, I'll Miss You, Mutilated Lips, Doctor Rock, Put the Coke on My Dick, The Enabler, Springtheme, Monique the Freak, Fluffy, The HIV Song, Mister Richard Smoker, Sweet Texas Fire, The Stallion pt 1, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Encore: Homo Rainbow, There's a Pig, Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down, I'm Holding You, Sorry Charlie, You Were the Fool
- soundcheck: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, Light Me Up
- false start on Nan
- Gener solo for I'll Miss You
- Sweet Texas Fire has never before been played this far away from Texas
- Deaner on vocals for Sunday Mornin'
- Deaner played a blue acoustic guitar for the entire encore, and then thoroughly smashed it to tiny bits over his amp

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Show Stats

3Transdermal Celebration06-09-2017221506-30-201715221
4Boy's Club06-07-201732007-01-20172627
6Up on the Hill02-18-2017143207-13-20175134
7I'm in the Mood to Move08-25-2016532907-01-20172232
8Learnin' to Love06-07-2017312907-01-201723133
9Ice Castles06-09-2017213207-02-201734137
10The Golden Eel06-09-2017225507-01-201725261
11Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire06-03-2017627028
12Back to Basom06-03-2017614209-01-2017131144
13Awesome Sound11-26-20163010007-13-201751102
14I'll Miss You10-13-20164526027
15Mutilated Lips06-06-2017421007-01-201722213
16Doctor Rock06-06-2017443707-13-201753441
17Put the Coke on My Dick04-23-201784207-14-20176144
18The Enabler04-21-201793607-02-20173239
20Monique the Freak06-10-20171807-13-20175211
22The HIV Song06-06-2017434207-01-201724347
23Mister Richard Smoker06-06-2017428007-02-201732283
24Sweet Texas Fire07-15-20083752307-01-20172327
25The Stallion pt 106-10-201712507-01-20172430
26Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)06-09-2017253406-30-201714539
27Homo Rainbow04-23-2017811107-02-201732114
28There's a Pig06-03-1995887307-13-2017515
29Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down007-02-2017312
30I'm Holding You11-27-200741216017
31Sorry Charlie02-18-2017148507-12-20174187
32You Were the Fool04-23-201785907-13-20175161


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